A message from our President:

It was a great sadness when John died, but Kevin decided to carry on as he knew that is what John would have wanted. It was even sadder when Kevin followed him. They both would have been very pleased and proud that The Players are continuing what they started, and I am very happy to be President of such an enthusiastic company. Good luck with the new season.

Judi Dench


2017 Cast List


Simon Meredith – Claudius / Ghost
Janine Obagi – Gertrude
Beth Harris – Horatia
Patrick Marsden – Hamlet
Holly Allen – Ophelia
Bogdan McHugh – Laertes / Player Queen
Leo Smith – Polonius / Grave Digger
Wanda Sorge-Daniel – Rosencrantz
Dan Withey – Player King / Osrick / Priest


Ignatius Harling – Witch / Murderer
Leah Nichols – Witch / Fleance
Jon-Michael Lindsey – Banquo
Polly Ashness – Lady Macduff
Libby Bellhouse – Witch / Doctor
Charlie Hall – Macbeth
Dan Withey – Macduff
Rachael Cheeseman – Lady Macbeth
Leo Smith – Duncan
Cliff Baker – Ross
Chad Echakowitz – Malcolm
Georgette Harris-Child – Young Macdudf
Dudley Temple – Seyton